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ERP-PLM Software


Manage resources and processes  efficiently

ERP-PLM Software

Discover how you can add value to your organization with the Notixia ERP-PLM

The Notixia ERP-PLM is a simple and efficient solution, ideal for any enterprise that wants to increase its productivity.

The Notixia ERP-PLM consists of applications and tools allowing all the sectors of your company to communicate more efficiently between them and to be of the most effective.

It integrates all facets of the company into a complete information system. Planning and scheduling employees, for example, have access to the same data as financial management employees for their specific needs. All data is available in real time, enabling employees to make faster, more informed decisions.

The solutions are intuitively designed for users. The platform covers the following modules:

  • Quotation
  • Customer order
  • Web portal
  • Accounting
  • Purchase
  • Expedition
  • Reception
  • Production with dynamic scheduling
  • Time management
  • Inventory
  • Movement of stocks
  • Quality Management (QMS)
  • Modular Business Process (Life Cycle)
  • Access rights
  • Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards
  • Business intelligence, reports and data export
  • Internet integration
  • PLM Solutions
  • eShop with 2D and 3D integrator

As a partner with Witlaken – Notixia, we can assist you in your business process management projects as well as in the purchase of the ERP-PLM that will be best suited to your organization.

Solutions are adapted and economically accessible to all types of businesses, from small businesses to small and medium-sized businesses of international scope.

Notixia's ERP in brief