Business Strategy


Business Strategy


The business “blue print”

Business Strategy

A well-designed strategy provides clarity and direction, but without proper execution, it is merely words on paper.

Processes need to be established, teams must be aligned, and measurements are to be defined in order to facilitate successful implementation. Without it, operations can grind to a halt.

With markets constantly evolving, how can you be sure that the strategy that’s worked for your business in the past will continue to provide a competitive advantage?

With so many projects to complete and deadlines to meet, when will you begin the process of re-evaluating your game plan?

Our strategic services will provide you with the knowledge and decision-making support your business needs to move forward with confidence.

Strategic Advisory

  • Policy Design and Development
  • Corporate Strategy Development
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Management Support
  • Commercialization

Business Strategy

  • Customer Experience/Journey Mapping
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Channel Strategies
  • Product Strategies
  • Process Architecture

Business Architecture

  • Planning
  • Strategic Action Planning
  • End-State Design
  • Target Business Model
  • Strategic Action Implementation


  • Accountability Framework System
  • Compliance

Strategic Sourcing

  • Procurement & Fairness
  • Fairness Advisory
  • Travel Sourcing & Optimization


  • Best Practices
  • Environmental Scans (Porter 5 competitive forces)
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • VOC – Voice of Customers
  • Due Diligence

Beyond the mission and vision, the components of a business architecture allow members of the organization to understand the business and the business ecosystem in which it operates.

The added value is that it communicates how the company translates its strategy into concrete initiatives.

This allows, among other things, to increase the company’s ability to transform itself, to reduce business risks, to increase the alignment of business partners and to promote better decision-making.

Without being exhaustive, we can assist you in establishing the key elements of your business architecture, such as:

  • Business model
  • Business Strategy
  • Business plan
  • Initiatives
  • Deployment of the strategy “Hoshin Kanri Lite” 
  • Dashboard and balanced indicators
  • Value Streams Customer Perspective
  • Key processes
  • Mapping of the organization’s capabilities and know-how
  • Diagnostics (5 functions, QualiMetre Express, 18 key processes)