Business Process Management

Business Process Management




Manage processes effectively

Business Process Management

As businesses evolve, their processes often become clunky and cluttered with undocumented elements known by only a handful of people.

Quick fixes are typically applied to address point-in-time issues, but plans to develop a permanent solution don’t become a priority. Eventually, these processes become so complex that the original purpose is lost. Key employees – along with their corporate memory – leave the organization, and cracks in the foundation of the most critical processes suddenly become much more apparent and costly.

EBPM Consulting Group can support your end-to-end Process Management needs – from diagnostic assessment and root cause analysis, to target-state design and implementation. Whether you’re thinking about near-term addressing improvements to manual processes and procedures that have become inefficient, ineffective or out-dated over time, or for regulatory control and compliance requirements such as for quality ISO or financial Sarbanes-oxley, or for transformative Workflow Automation, EBPM Consulting Group has all your Enterprise Process Management needs covered.

Organizations that define and manage their business processes stand out from the competition in terms of their efficiency and added value for customers.

Process Documentation

  • Process Inventorying
  • Process Mapping
  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instruction
  • Business Requirements & Business Rules
  • Policy, Standards & Guideline Development
  • Process Controls Definition & Documentation
  • Use of Process Best Practices such as APQC
  • Use of state of the art BPM (Business Process Management) software
  • Process Maturity Models


  • Diagnostic Assessments & Recommendations
  • Health Checks & Program Audits
  • Governance Reviews
  • Post-Implementation Reviews


  • Process Re-engineering
  • Value Added Analysis
  • Process Efficiency Analysis (lead time reduction)
  • Continuous Improvement Models
  • Workflow Automation

Measurement & Analysis

  • KPI and Metric Definition & Design
  • Executive Scorecards
  • Performance Reporting

 Our interventions can include:

  • Define the scope of processes, namely for a specific sector such as: HR, Production, Quality, Purchasing, Engineering, Maintenance, Finance, Sales / MKTG, IT, etc. or globally for the company.
  • We can guide you to adopt the best practices for process architecture such as APQC.
  • Describe your processes with the people involved and validate them with the managers.
  • Document roles and responsibilities (RASCI matrix).
  • Identify other information (associated document, risks, controls, performance inicators, etc.).
  • Identify the critical processes to develop first.
  • Make a plan for the development of these processes and monitor the deployment with KPI.
  • Train your staff on standard mapping methods (eg BPMN).
  • Automate / digitize some key processes with workflow to improve speed and efficiency.