BPM Application

BPM Application


Manage business processes effectively

BPM Application

Find out how you can add value to your business with the Interfacing EPC

The EPC, an application from Interfacing Technologies, a globally recognized firm in BPM (Business Process Management) software, enables organizations to effectively manage business processes and other key elements of business architecture.

The EPC goes beyond modeling and process analysis. It covers the full spectrum of governance and collaboration, lifecycle, enterprise architecture (EA), and strategy-to-execution needs.

The solutions are intuitively designed for users. The platform covers the spectrum of processes, resources and documentation to ensure quality, governance, continuous improvement and regulation.

The EPC web application is also accessible via any computer, tablet or smartphone.

The EPC facilitates the alignment and visualization of strategic and operational performance and is often leveraged for quality, improvement, risk & audit management initiatives such as ISO, Lean, Basel III, SOX, and ITIL, amongst others.

As a partner with Interfacing Technologies, we can assist you with your business process management projects as well as for the purchase of the EPC configuration that will best suit your organization.

The features of the EPC cover:

Modeling and Documentation

  • Process
  • Roles
  • Resources
  • Organisational units
  • Documentation

Analysis and Improvement

  • Value added analysis – LEAN

Collaboration and Governance

Policies and Procedures (SOP)

  • Instruction and procedure
  • ISO format

Business rules

Risks and Controls

Strategy and Performance

  • Strategic objectives
  • Performance indicators – KPI

Metadata system

Compliance and Audit

Automation (work flow)


The solutions are adapted and economically accessible for all types of businesses, from small businesses, SMEs and large international companies.

  • EPC Cloud (SAAS)
  • EPC on server in company
  • EPC on PC

NOTE: Modeling on Microsoft VISIO is also importable into the EPC.

EPC in brief