About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Facilitate the adoption of best practices in the fields of business process management, BPM technology tools and business architecture.

The goal is that our client businesses can improve at a faster pace than their competition and that the gains will not be lost over time.

The objective is to create value in terms of greater efficiency, innovation, quality, process lead time and increased customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

That all employees can participate to their fullest in a collaborative environment that combines human and technological aspects.

Our Values

Integrity and respect
Listening to the needs
Quality of work

Our Team

EBPM Consulting Group is composed of experienced professionals who have worked on several projects in environments as varied as the small start-up business to the multi-national.

Mr. Alain Brault, MBA and engineer by trade, is the President and Senior Advisor. He has partnered with renowned business partners in the areas of BPM (Business Process Management) as well as IT.

Alain Brault, MBA

President & Senior Advisor

Passionate about innovation and retention of knowledge, Alain works with small, medium and large companies to upgrade skills in business and process management, BPM technology tools, business architecture and Training.

In addition to teaching Lean Six Sigma and BPM, he introduced these practices in several companies.

His goal is that our businesses can improve at a faster pace than the competition and that the gains are not lost over time.

Alain has also held senior management positions such as general manager and plant manager for companies such as CAE and SPAR Aerospace. He has contributed to the deployment of Lean Six Sigma in the BRP value chain. He carried out mandates of growth, recovery, consolidation and helped start up several companies including: Bionix, Electric Boats International and Gaz Metro Transport Solutions.

Alain is a “hands-on” guy who likes to work with the employees directly involved, whether on the factory floor, in the office or with the managers and directors. His primary goal is to create value and efficiency while cultivating excellent business relationships.

Interfacing Technologies

Interfacing Technologies is a world leader in business process management software – BPMA.

The cloud version makes the solution very accessible for small businesses as well as SMEs and multi-nationals.

Interfacing solutions are intuitively designed for all users and cover all quality, governance, improvement, training and compliance initiatives.

Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) was recognized in 2017 by Gartner® as a leader in enterprise process analysis (BPA), operational intelligence (OI), and operating system occupation (BOS).

Interfacing has over 25 years of experience and over 500,000 users in more than 46 countries and 17 industries.

Interfacing Technologies

Dempton Consulting Group

Dempton Consulting Group was founded in 2005 on a vision of building an ecosystem in which customers, partners and employees form a team and realize their potential by working together to achieve successful business and technology projects.

The common goal of the team is to create value in each project, optimizing performance and reducing costs.


  1. Business Process Management
  2. Enterprise Application: SAP, Oracle, JasperSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Edward JD, E-Business Suite, etc.
  3. Integration
  4. Collaboration: SharePoint, migration project, platform evolution or development project, etc.
Dempton Groupe Conseil



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