First, why describe the way things are done?

If we were alone in our organization and our memory was infallible, then it would not really be useful to describe our ways of doing things right?

But again, if you wanted to sell your organization to someone else, could a manual of ways of doing things would add value to your business? Probably so !

In short, describing the ways of doing things in production, sales, HR, accounting and so on, can save a tremendous amount of training time and minimize mistakes because everyone in the team knows clearly WHO does WHAT and HOW.

The standardized Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) method, developed in 2005, simplifies the process description as much as possible. This method is very visual and has 3 basic figures or objects:

A process, a procedure or an instruction, starts with a start event (the circle), followed by a series of tasks (the rectangle), with if necessary conditions or choices of direction ( the diamond), and ends with an end event (the circle). Here is an example of a HR process -Select candidates according, to 2 views, or perspectives:
flat model or swim lanes.




We can then describe the HOW of each task …

To quickly find your way through your global processes, it is a matter of establishing a simple hierarchy, for example by organization function, or following a model such as APQC …

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